Locked out. What should you do?

The emergency has finally happened: you have lost your key or have locked yourself out. Anyone who now expects sympathy and consideration quickly finds out otherwise. And sometimes, unscrupulous locksmiths will take advantage of your plight and charge far more than they deserve. This should not be the case and it is possible to protect yourself from rip-off merchants.

Prevention is better than a cure

Aftercare is good but prevention is better. Follow these tips to save yourself money and stress:

  • Have a second key ready! Keep it with a neighbour you trust, in your parents' home or with your workmate - the main thing is that you can get to it without opening the door.
  • Make plans in advance! Find out which local locksmith is trustworthy and which provider does not want to replace the whole doorway. Who is able to help me in an emergency? Compare different service providers and make a note of the contact details of reputable providers, so you'll always have the right address at hand in an emergency. Keep a second key under your doormat or the flowerpot at the entrance - just some ideas for a safe hiding place.

In an emergency

Sometimes, despite all precautions, you might misplace your key. This does not mean, however, that you should immediately contact the first available provider. Keep your powder dry and try and think calmly.

  • Did you leave your flat during the day and have now lost your key? Find out if the property manager or caretaker can quickly help you out with a second key.
  • If you rely on a locksmith, don't rush into things. The first contact is not necessarily the best; he may just appear at the top of the phone book or the business directory because of his initial letter. Using our service with proven partners is the sensible and safest option.
  • Reputable providers are also available to the police without any issues. Some departments, such as the city police of Bern, St. Gallen or Zurich, are happy to recommend reliable service providers.
  • Pay attention to normal telephone numbers! Dodgy providers often use premium 0900 numbers and keep you waiting on the phone for ages.
  • Rely on a service provider in your area! This is not only fast and uncomplicated but also saves annoying travel costs.
  • Every minute counts: the later the event, the higher the bill. Ask your preferred provider for an initial cost estimate on the phone. Describe your request in as much detail as possible and make a note of the estimated price!
  • Don't let yourself in for any nasty surprises: insist in advance on a fixed price!
  • Two workers are sometimes necessary to break open doors but not for a key service. One man is enough for the door opening. Two men are only there for the money.