Lost your keys? How to avoid being ripped-off by a locksmith

It's something that's happened to almost everyone: The house or car door slams shut and the key is missing. A locksmith can quickly remedy the situation - but watch out! The prices of the available providers vary sometimes high. Travel and holiday surcharges are hidden cost traps that are not obvious at first glance. Follow these three helpful tips to quickly and easily find the right locksmith in your area in an emergency and avoid rip-offs and expensive surprises.

1. Find the locksmith online, on local.ch or localXpress

Those who accidentally lock themselves out are usually in a hurry. There are often important things left in the house and you only have the bare necessities. As long as you have a mobile phone in your pocket, you can easily help yourself. In particularly unfortunate cases, see if you can use someone else's phone. Take your time and visit the homepage of the selected locksmith before you call. Maybe your neighbour already has a key service stored in the phone, or you choose a search engine to get help in an emergency - be sure to only select key services that are based in your area. At MySchl├╝sselservice you can quickly and easily find and compare all the key services in your area.

2. Watch out for travel costs and holiday surcharges

The average price of a door opening by the professional varies depending on the complexity of the cylinder, method and travel time. That's why rip-off merchants find it so easy to add on hidden surcharges. Door openings in the evening and at night, as well as on weekends and public holidays, incur higher costs than normal business hours. An assignment at a late hour will incur a fee of around 270 francs and during the daytime, those who have been locked out will lose around 180 francs. At localxpress you benefit from a fixed price, so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you. The prices for simple door openings up to the lock exchange are exactly listed here.

3. Only pay the agreed price

On the phone, you should explain exactly what happened to the locksmith. Ask in the preliminary discussion for ways to resolve the emergency and clarify the procedure exactly. If you have the bill, check each item exactly. Reputable providers also accept bills and card payments - you are by no means obliged to pay the locksmith in cash before the lock is exchanged. If the key is not in the door and has not been locked, the opening is usually uncomplicated and doesn't cause any damage to the door. If you have lost your key, you have to pay more as the lock must be removed and a new cylinder must be installed with the appropriate key. To avoid cumbersome and costly door openings, you should always leave a spare key with friends or acquaintances.