Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees that a locksmith will not demand more than the agreed fixed price?

Security relating to costs is ensured by a transparent commissioning process. Before you order online you will be informed about the fixed price, including any incidental costs. This calculation will be based on your information. However, if, for example, it is not stated that a door has two lock cylinders, the key service cannot then be executed at the agreed price. In this case, two lock cylinders would have to be drilled out. The locksmith will charge you for this as it incurs additional work. You will be informed, in advance, what this extra cost will be.

The fitter may, for example, advise you to replace the drilled lock cylinder with a higher quality one. For this additional service your consent is needed.

Should any problems arise despite our transparent commissioning process, you can always send us an e-mail to We will arrange for clarification as soon as possible.

What is the procedure for an apartment door where the lock cylinder belongs to a central locking system?

If a building has been equipped with a central locking system, a key card is required to make a replacement key. Such a card is usually held either by the owner or the property manager. Often, a spare key is not available at short notice. In this case, the locksmith will use another lock cylinder for the front door. In this way, it can be opened and closed again securely.

Can drilled lock cylinders be repaired?

When drilling a lock cylinder, the lock mechanism is mechanically destroyed. It cannot be repaired, so it is not possible to reuse a drilled lock cylinder.

Who to make payment to?

When ordering the locksmith service with, always pay the fitter directly.

What happens if the key service determines that my door or lock is not a standard version?

From time to time it may happen that, on-site, it is discovered that a door or lock is a special type, such as a security door. Opening this type of door is more complex and therefore cannot be done at the fixed price. For example

  • It is a key card
  • A special cylinder must be ordered
  • An additional box lock is mounted
  • The latch is broken, requiring the installer to remove the entire fitting
  • Your door is equipped with a BKS multi-point latch with three catches

Even in these cases, you can still use the skills of the locksmith. However, there will be additional costs, of which you will be informed, to be added to the fixed price.

How do I know when the fitter is coming?

All fitters employed by the locksmiths who participate in our service, always have our app available to them and are connected to our service. Through their input we know which fitter is available. Based on their location, we calculate the travel route needed to arrive at your apartment or house. It will be displayed on your order confirmation page. However we cannot predict traffic jams or other inconveniences like difficulties finding a parking or similar problems.

What guarantees that a locksmith will not open somebody else's door?

To guarantee that a fitter won't be asked to open somebody else's door the client has to show an ID or another valid document. If that's not possible the fitter will close the door again. Under special circumstances the fitter can also ask the police to verify a client's identity.

How long does a locksmith normally take to release a locked door?

If the door is locked the lock must be removed first so the door can be opened and the lock replaced. In this case doors can usually be opened within 10-30 minutes.

Do I have to pay anything if I manage to open the door myself before the locksmith arrives?

If you have already commissioned the locksmith and a confirmation was sent the locksmith has the right to ask for a flat rate call out charge.

How do I pay if I decide to have a security cylinder instead of a standard one?

When calculating our fixed prices for the opening of a locked door, we always assume that you would like to have a standard cylinder mounted. A security cylinder, or other special lock, may therefore only be installed at your express request. The additional cost will be added to the price listed in

What is the difference between a jammed and a locked door?

If an apartment or front door accidentally shuts and is only closed by the latch, it can be sufficient to use available access routes. On the other hand, if you have turned the key, it will be more difficult to open the door. Then the cylinder usually has to be drilled out and replaced. In the case of a locked door, the greater workload, together with the new lock cylinder, will result in a higher cost.

What options do I have for payment?

The key services provided by us offer different payment methods. You can pay in cash, however, many fitters also have card readers. In addition, it is possible, in exceptional cases, to pay by invoice. In this case, clear proof of identity is required.

How long does a locksmith normally take to release a locked door?

Doors are now available in countless variations. We can, therefore, only give guideline times. If the interior catch of the lock is easy to reach, a few minutes is enough. If it is difficult to access, the key service may need to try different methods. Most locked doors can be opened within 15 minutes.

How much does it cost to open a locked door with multiple lock cylinders?

Multiple-cylinder doors sometimes have closed multiple cylinders. Then the second lock has to be drilled out. This additional service extra. Add to this the price of materials for the second cylinder. The fitter will inform you about this on site. The door will be opened if you agree with the price.

How do I order the opening of a door?

You can easily request a locksmith either online or by phone. You will find the necessary online form on

If you have any questions, you can also send an email to

What makes this key service different from others on offer?

Our ultimate goal is to have satisfied customers. We therefore attach great importance to reliability and transparency. Every customer knows immediately how his problem can be fixed and how much it will cost. They also know when the locksmith will be with them. However we cannot predict traffic jams or other inconveniences like difficulties finding a parking or similar problems. Behind this key service stands an experienced and long-established provider -