Opening a door in your area for a fixed price

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  • Verified Partners
  • Available 24/7

Prices for opening a door

Choose service according to situation
Shut door
250.-  CHF

The door was shut accidentally and there is no key in the lock on the other side.

Pricing overview
Day Rate 8 AM - 6 PM
Mo - Fr
180.- CHF
Sa, So & holidays
250.- CHF
Overnight Rate 6 PM - 8 AM
Mo - Fr
250.- CHF
Sa, So & holidays
250.- CHF
Locked door
375.-  CHF

The door is locked, e.g. the key was turned inside the lock. Material costs, e.g. for a new cylinder, are not included in the price.

Pricing overview
Day Rate 8 AM - 6 PM
Mo - Fr
270.- CHF
Sa, So & holidays
375.- CHF
Overnight Rate 6 PM - 8 AM
Mo - Fr
375.- CHF
Sa, So & holidays
375.- CHF
General pricing information

All prices, if not stated otherwise, are including a flat travelling fee and 7.7% VAT.

Payment options:
Debit CardInvoiceCash

This is how it works:

1. Choose the required service

Choose the service that fits your current situation. Afterwards, enter the necessary personal information.

2. Confirm mobile number

In order to verify your mobile number you will receive a text message containing a link. Click on it to confirm your order.

3. Wait for the locksmith to arrive

We make sure only a single, verified service partner will contact you. Please keep your phone nearby. You can track the location of the service partner on the map.

4. Fulfilment and payment

After the service partner has fulfilled the service you only have to pay the fixed price via your chosen payment method.

No hidden costs

All prices include the call out fee. Please note that the call out fee also applies when the locksmith is already on the way to you but you are then able to open the door yourself.

The opening on site of one additional lock (eg armoured bar or box lock) will have extra costs. The material costs for a new cylinder are not included in the price.

First aid for lost keys: The locksmith service is there for you!

You quickly pop out to collect the post or take the bins out, and disaster strikes. You forget to take your key, the door shuts and then you are left standing on the wrong side! In such a situation, it's easy to panic because, without professional help, you can't get back inside your own four walls anymore.

When the key is suddenly gone…

The locksmiths provide quick and competent help in these and other emergencies. If your key suddenly breaks and you are left standing in front of a locked apartment door, they will provide you with quick and no-nonsense help. The emergency services are there for you 24 hours a day: regardless of whether your key has been lost, left indoors, snapped, or the lock has broken through no fault of your own: The locksmith is there for you in every emergency.

The round-the-clock emergency service works exclusively with professional companies and qualified locksmiths near your home address so that someone can be with you quickly to offer support and assistance. The emergency services are available around the clock, seven days a week. Even on Sundays and public holidays, they will rescue you when you're left standing outside a locked door.

What the key services can do for you

Locksmiths specialise in the professional and fast opening of house and apartment doors. If necessary, they also replace damaged locks. And they don't only deal with closed doors - they can sort out broken doors, too. If such a mishap happens, the professionals have ways and means of fixing the mechanism without damage, and with relatively little effort. Opening a door when the key has been turned over at least once is more tricky. In this case, the cylinder often has to be taken out, or the lock sometimes even has to be drilled out. However, even challenging situations are no problem for the qualified locksmiths. They can reliably ensure that you will be back in your own home within a very short time.

Fast and reliable

The service partners are not only knowledgeable, they are also highly reputable and have many years of experience in repairing doors and locks. Not only do the locksmiths always strive to provide their customers with first-class services, they also aim to give you a sense of security in this stressful situation. An apartment door that cannot be opened any more causes a lot of stress. With their know-how, they ensure that this stressful situation is resolved as quickly as possible. Including when your emergency happens at night, or on a Sunday or public holiday.

Quick help, easy payment

Cash is the most common method of payment when using a locksmith service. The service partners also offer on-site payment by card or by invoice. Payment on account should be clarified before the fitter repairs the lock.

It is usually possible for the locksmith to do their work without damaging the front door or the lock. It is as important to the workers as you that clean and professional work is done. However, even with the greatest care, they cannot guarantee that no damage will be done to either the front door or the lock.

Security is the top priority

The welfare of their family and the protection of property from theft and burglary are the highest priorities for homeowners. Therefore, the locksmiths immediately help you to secure your home if it has been broken into. If necessary, the security experts can replace the lock on the spot. You can be completely reassured in the knowledge that your loved ones and your property are well-protected. They make sure there are professionals on your side who you can rely on one hundred percent.

Your local locksmith

Mishaps don't only happen in normal working hours but can occur any time of the day or night. Therefore, they are there for you around the clock and late at night. To ensure that you don't have to wait for ages for help to arrive, the emergency services are constantly on standby. We make sure that the fitter who is nearest to your place of residence comes to you. This reduces waiting times and ensures that you can quickly get back to normal. Please bear in mind, however, that the traffic situation can sometimes lead to unforeseen waiting times and minor delays.

Expert help when keys are lost, with no hidden costs

When your keys suddenly disappear and you can't get into your own apartment, stress and panic can overwhelm you. the locksmiths are there to help in such emergencies - quickly, competently and reliably. the emergency service is there for you 24 hours a day. The door opening service exclusively uses professional companies and qualified employees near your home address.

Fixed-price locksmiths and door opening

The emergency service is simple and effective: First, the current state (door closed or locked) is selected and then the fixed-price service (including travel costs) is ordered. The app instantly locates a locksmith company registered with our service. If this service cannot accept the order, the app automatically suggests the next closest service. If the installer has confirmed the order, the customer receives an order confirmation, telling them when the fitter will be on hand. After work is complete, the employee will be paid locally in cash, by card or by invoice.

Whenever a door is opened, security is a top priority so they also help to secure your home after replacing the key. No matter what service you require, the key service is there for you 24 hours a day and also late at night.

The 24-hr key service with a fixed-price guarantee

Replacing a door or a lock does need not to be expensive, or involve hidden costs. The key services provide work at a fixed price and also guarantee competence and professionalism in terms of costs. The costs to you of placing the order will be clearly disclosed. The fixed price saves our customers unpleasant financial surprises in an emergency.

We even display your expenses transparently before the fitter starts to work. The total price always includes this travel allowance and 7.7% VAT. The travel allowance will also be charged if you manage to open the door yourself before the locksmith arrives. Opening additional locks, such as a box lock or an armoured bar incurs an additional charge. The fixed price does not include the material costs for a new cylinder.

As soon as a locksmith has accepted your order you will be able to see his position and calculate the time of his arrival.